Meet Charlee Bravo

Welcome to Bravo World! Before we get started let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born in Detroit, Michigan as Christopher La’Ron Brown, yes that’s my real name. I was raised by my mother Alesia Marie Simmons, my grandma La’Doris Lauchie, and my aunt Alina Simmons Murry. I began my musical career in the 1st grade at Weatherby Elementary, where I started to play and read treble clef music for the trumpet. Life wasn’t always easy of course… spending most of my nights trying to rip and run the streets with my cousin, of course in the hood, chasing girls and money.

I always had a fondness for the Arts, and no matter what continued to grow in that area of life. By the time I reached middle school Ann Arbor Trail Middle I was already playing the trumpet, baritone, tuba and snair drum; reading both treble and bass clef. I also went into Theater and Musical Theater and joined my uncle in Mosaic Youth Theater as an actor. I was kicked out in less than a year, because of my attitude and cockiness. Growing up I had to be the center of attention, I was the class clown, and extremely energetic. They were great qualities but I had no off button so I landed in the office a lot, like any other star!

I wrote my first raps with some of my classmates in 7th grade and was extremely inspired by Eminem but, not in the typical way… I loved his art! I saw more than just a guy rapping I saw feelings, pain, joy, and his passion all at the same time. I had explored so many avenues of music by my 9th grade year I decided to join the choir to develop my voice. I moved schools and lost that avenue was taken to CMA or Communication and Media Arts with no art program. 

The next year was the biggest move of my life… my mom Alesia decided to move this Detroit boy down to South Florida, and at fifteen I was in the Sunshine State. I absolutely hated being away from my hometown, my friends, and my family. No matter my feelings there was no going back, I was stuck and had to accept that.

I met new friends and joined a new school Hollywood Hills High School where I quickly got back into the Arts. I began playing trumpet in the jazz band, concert band, marching band, and I even picked up an acting class. The next year I had another major change, yet another high school Dillard High School. I wanted to get into their magnet program for Theater and I did by auditioning with Arabian Nights from the movie Aladdin. Two weeks after joining my theater classmates I landed a main role in a musical theater stage play entitled A year with Frog and Toad. I portrayed Frog in a two day play at The Broward Center for Performing Arts at age 17.

With my new-found fame, I found new problems I began to do heavy drugs (weed and pills) which would shape my life the next few years. I lost many friends, ran away from home and I was different person. I spent more time skipping school than I did in class my senior year but manage to still graduate and get excellence across the board with my partner Eric D’Angelo for our Thespian music duo performance.

After high school I decided to stay in Florida even though my mother had left to go home to Detroit. I began making music with my good friend Joey Disalvo a.k.a Joey Comma’s between 17-18 and became a freestyle. Along the way, I taught myself how to write music, writing only 2 or 3 bars at a time. By 18 I had recorded my first single under the name Cystle, which was taken from me by a producer when he suddenly disappeared with all our work. I went back to my party life which led me to becoming homeless living from place to place. I somehow maintained my job at the Samba Room on Las Olas… which later closed I began working at Timpano Italian Chophouse. Mike Levine my manager and greatest mentor helped me keep my head straight and get back on top! I would write rhymes on receipt paper or whatever I could find.

At the age of 19 I had moved my good friend Joey Comma’s into my home in Fort Lauderdale but, when we were younger we were a bad duo. The party life had come back and in full effect until at the end of the year I was once again homeless. I began to think wow I did this two years in a row and literally repeated history. At 20 I decided enough was enough I wanted to focus and maintain a secure lifestyle. I jumped back into the music scene, and by 21 I had wrote so many songs I put together my first mixtape Over the Top (10 tracks,) and by 22 it hit the streets.

It wasn’t hard for me to spread the name Charlee B with me working as a bartender at the Royal Pig on Las Olas, I passed a cd to all my customers and constantly hustled. I, a new friend and producers heard the tape and wanted to work with me immediately. Javar Webb a.k.a Jnoo Blasé was the first member of the Highclassclowns I met which shaped my whole career. He taught me so much including the layout of making beats and finding out how to fit my words in the beat and not on top of the beat. He also introduced me to a whole new world of music and friendship and added to my family, bringing along some great people Chris Webb a.k.a Itz Webbz and Christian a.k.a Tio Chris both part of my top production team and they are my brothers.

I decided to make another tape with them and by 23 I released an even better tape entitled Wolf of Music! At age 24 I have found myself and I have already released two hot singles this year Las Olas and Why, and not far behind a self-entitled album Charlee Bravo coming to you December 31st. My grind never sleeps, I’m always pushing that’s what got me through my ups and downs; and that’s what keeps me strong and standing today. I look at the sky and I don’t see a limit… 

I see a whole universe that needs to be explored!
Charlee Bravo

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