Meet Charlee Bravo

What’s good everyone! I’m a Rapper, singer, songwriter that goes by the name Charlee Bravo originally from Detroit, Mi but I’ve spent 14 years in South Florida’s Broward County in the city of Fort Lauderdale. Some of my influences have come directly from my hometown. Watching Eminem rap as a kid pushed me to want to rap. He was someone who had nothing like me, yet he came out on top anyway. I wanted that for my own life so I built it. Of course Miami’s culture has influenced me as well in the areas of fashion and even my style of music being diverse and open to trying new weird ideas not normally attempted by mainstream artists. In my 11 years I’ve become a master songwriter, performance artist, recording artist and have even toured across the world in Sydney, Australia with Icy Narco as a headliner of my own show. I’ve had the pleasure of opening for legends like Lupe Fiasco, Johnny Oz, Members Only, and many more of some of your favorite artists. As you see here my music catalog is massive and continuing to grow on a daily basis.

My latest hits Plan in the Making and Pave the Way blew past 100k streams on Spotify this year alone! I believe I have created music for everyone to enjoy whether that be soft, energetic, or rage, I got it for you. Music is my everything and I “live it” daily.

There’s not a moment when I’m not Charlee Bravo.


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